Welcome to my completely random and quite impulsive endeavor! Anything is worth a try once, right?!?!?!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Hazel is a beautiful young woman in her 20s from the U.K. Her singing voice is incredible!  I liken her to Amy Lee of Evanescense.   I had the pleasure of spending two amazing evenings with her in October. The first night was just a chance encounter.  The next night, I specifically planned to see her, along with my plans to see Dinesh and Ildiko.  I thought there was going to be a third night, but it wasn't to be. Sadly, I  never saw Hazel again in October, and the reality is that I will never see her again!  You see, Hazel is a singer on a ship.  She is part of a group called the Fantasy Band that played aboard a ship called the Carnival Fantasy.  I fell in love with her voice the moment I heard it!

You may be (or may be not) wondering why is my blog page named after Hazel?  It is kind of a funny little story. 

Earlier this week, my best friend, Faith and I were emailing back and forth, like we do almost daily.  Faith had shared with me that she was thinking of starting a blog and was trying to come up with a name for her blog site.  The first one she had thought of was Gemini Mind.  She googled that name and came across a site that listed some characterisitcs of persons who fall under the Gemini zodiac sign.  She sent them to me and asked if I thought that the descriptions sounded like her.  I emailed her back, and responded to each characteristic individually within the text that she had sent me.  A few emails later she found the same thing for my sign, Taurus, and sent them to me.  I responded to her email the same way that I had responded to her Gemini traits.  Behind each characteristic, I made some sort of silly comment as to whether or not I agreed with the characteristic.  One of the characteristics that was listed was a great signing ability.  My comment back to that one was, "I'm not Hazel".  Faith was on that cruise ship with me and knew exactly what I was referring to.  Her response to that comment was that it would be a good blog name if I ever considered blogging. 

Up to that point, I had never really thought about blogging. I follow a couple of my friends blogs, but never really considered becoming an owner/author of one.  A day or two later, Faith got hers up and going.  I read it and thought that just maybe I could do it too.  So, very impulsively, I set one up and here I am.  I dont really know if this is my thing, or if I will stay commited to it, or if I will be good at it or interesting enough, but I'm gonna try it and see.  I won't know if I don't try it.

So there you have it . . . how I began to blog and how I came up with the name.         


  1. hi jeanna, happy blogging! I have a blog for my businesses that I tend to irregularly called hopeful valley happenings. It is fun, but in an already busy world, it is sometimes difficult to blog regularly, but for fun, it is kind of neat, and fun to read what people have to say. Love your Hazel story!!! so glad u and Faith had a good time!

  2. YEA!!!! Its fun...just finding the time...